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Rhianna 777 World Tour

November 2012

HTC sponsored the Rihanna HTC 777 Tour, a concert event of 7 countries, 7 days, and 7 shows.


To give fans a chance to attend the exclusive finale in New York City, we created a social scavenger hunt via Twitter-and invited winners to participate in the HTC Green Room before seeing this once-in-a-lifetime musical event live. With hair stylings, makeovers, and manicures, guests were able to enjoy a celebrity treatment in preparation for the show. 

Our role: Lead Producer at Deutsch LA

Rhianna 777 tour.png
Rhianna 777 tour 1.jpeg
rhianna 777 tour 5.jpeg
Rhianna 777 tour 3.jpeg
Rhianna 777 tour 2.jpeg
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