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The Daring Truth - Target + TED

March 2015

At TED 2015, we put a Target lens on the theme of Truth and Dare, daring guests to shift their perspective through the use of visually challenging and unexpected design elements and unique entertainment moments.

The theme, “Truth and Dare,” was brought to life through a series of optical illusions designed to challenge the attendee’s perspectives, playing on the idea of ever-changing “truths.” One representation included a suspended art installation, by renown artist Mike Murphy, comprised of thousands of red and white balls, which revealed two different logos depending on the point of view. We produced the entire installation; including flooring, custom seating, a coffee bar and the sound booth for the Lightwave Technology experience all in unity with the space. 


As an engaging activation, TEDsters could dare each other using our daring book, which converted their dares into coffee sleeves as part of our coffee bar. As guests ordered coffee, they received a unique dare!

Our role: Lead Producer at Deutsch LA

Daring Truth Target+TED1.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED5.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED6.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED16.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED18.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED8.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED10.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED11.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED9.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED12.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED14.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED13.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED17.jpeg
Daring Truth Target+TED19.jpeg
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