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A Night United 2024

March 2024

Quilts are more than just fabric and thread. They signify the intricate tapestry of community, a harmonious patchwork of diverse patterns handed down through the years. United Way's fifth annual A Night United fundraising gala, was created using the unique "Woven Together' theme. The theme did not just borrow from the contemporary quilt's visual charm but dove deep into its underlying significance and timeless narrative. A lively panorama of textures and hues that echo the spirit of the United Way community.  


While showcasing rich colors and patterns, United Way and its guests were able to reflect on the stories their history holds. Vibrant, playful hues infused the space with celebratory energy, while the intricate textures and layers echo the multifaceted layers of community.

Our role: Full ideation, creative design, planning and production.

A Night United 2024 - Stage Backdrop
A Night United 2024  - GOBO Entrance
A Night United 2024 - Table Setting
A Night United 2024 - Ribbon Activation
A Night United 2024 - Event Signage
A Night United 2024 - Lounge Cluster
A Night United 2024 - Program
A Night United 2024 - Charity Raffle.jpg
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